Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad Credit Car Finance

Looking for bad credit car finance? Been blacklisted or have a low ITC score, we can help you! With 3 options to choose from we can definitely get you rolling.

Bad Credit Car Finance

Finance Options

Option 1:

Normal bank finance. We have an excellent team that get car finance deal through at the banks were other dealers fail as they font always put in the extra effort to motivate applications. Once you application is approved we will source your choice of vehicle based on the amount you qualify for.

Option 2:

Get you a personal loan of up to R 250 000 and you can source and buy your own vehicle cash.

Option 3:

Rent to own, were all you need is a minimum deposit of R 15 000. No credit checks, you can even apply if you under debt review or administration.


Complete our short online online application form. Once your application is received we will do an assessment and advice you of the best way forward based on your credit profile. Even if you have been declined for finance through other dealers we can still get your application approved. Best of all we do not charge any fees to process applications, we only get a referral commission. So if we cant help you we don’t get paid, reason why we put in the extra effort to get deals done.

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