Cash loan for blacklisted

Getting a cash loan for blacklisted in the best of times can be difficult but getting emergency cash loans with a bad credit record can prove impossible. Here is how to get the cash you need.

Cash loan for blacklisted

In South Africa most people cannot cover an emergency. Many people must use their credit cards to meet their monthly bills. But, this isn’t the best option. At Blacklisted Personal Loan we can help you get a emergency cash loan for blacklisted today. Simply click apply below and complete our easy online application form to see how we can help you. Note that we will not charge you any fees to process or pay out your loan.

What are the options for emergency cash loan for blacklisted?

You might believe that because your credit score is not good you don’t qualify for fast cash in an emergency. But, there are several options to get past the challenges of medical bills, car repairs, and other reasons you might need emergency funds. You aren’t limited to using the money for an emergency. In fact, you can use the money for debt consolidation or avoid late payments on accounts. But it is important to remember that getting a loan with bad credit may come at a higher interest rate. We will always insure that we get you the best loan deal.

What Hurts Your Credit Score?

There are several common reasons why you may have bad credit record. Let’s start at the beginning and discover why you may have bad credit. Although there are many ways it can happen, here are some of the most common credit traps:

Your Monthly Bills


When you don’t keep track of your finances, you may not have enough money at the end of the month to pay your bills. Some people hope the company will eventually give up and stop sending bills. These plans don’t pay off and usually result in a bad credit scoreIf you don’t pay your bills, you will receive constant calls from creditors to collect the monies you owe.

Constantly applying for credit or accounts

Each time you open or enquire for a new account, credit card, loan or any other financial service, the company does a credit check. This means they check your credit to be sure you can afford to pay for this new service. Each of these credit checks can have a negative effect on your credit record. If you have tried to apply for credit multiple times try avoiding doing any credit applications for at least 3 months for your score to improve. Or we can assist you with a consolidation loan to try ease your monthly financial commitments.

Making Minimum Payments

Even if you pay your bills on time, a high balance on your accounts can help to lower your credit score and reduce the chances of you getting a cash loan for blacklisted. Making minimum payments also affects your debt-to-credit ratio. When you have used more than 30% of this ratio it can affect your rating. Your total credit and debt across all your credit cards and loans determine this ratio. This means if you have a high balance on one account but zero balance on others, the ratio is balanced between all accounts.

The Side Effects of Bad Credit

There are several consequences to having bad credit. Your credit score helps determine the interest rates you pay on credit cards and cash loan for blacklisted. You may have problems renting an apartment. Landlords check your credit rating and may refuse to lease if you have a low credit score. You may have to pay more on your security deposit if they do accept you. Cell phone companies may deny a contract. Some jobs in the finance industry turn you down if you have a history of bankruptcy or outstanding bills. Insurance premiums can be higher and you will likely pay more in interest for vehicle finance.

Emergency cash loan for blacklisted options we have available to you

Payday Loan for bad credit

In general, this is not the best option in a financial emergency. Many times the interest rate can be very high. You also have to pay the loan off completely within a couple of weeks. Hence the name payday loan, which is an advance against your paycheck.

Personal Loan for bad credit clients

One of the best options for an emergency cash loan for blacklisted, when you have bad credit, is an installment loan. These give you a longer-term to pay the loan and often offer larger amounts. You sign a contract that shows you the fixed payment amount, so you always know how much you pay. Personal loans do not need collateral. This means you guarantee the loan with your signature. Personal loans offer more flexibility and less interest than a payday loan. They are also less risky. Another benefit of a personal loan is it helps you to build your credit score as you pay off the installments.

Consolidation Loan for bad credit clients

Also a good option if you want to reduce your monthly payments into one easy manageable installment. Use the loan to pay of your debt and have some spare cash for other necessities.

To apply for any of our loan options simply click below, complete our easy online loan application form.


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