Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts

Blacklisted Cellphone Contract Have you been declined for a cell phone contract due to, low credit score, bad credit record, affordability or any other reason?  Then you have come to the right place as here at BLK we can help you get a blacklisted cellphone contract. With our easy online application you will know in … Read more

Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad Credit Car Finance Looking for bad credit car finance? Been blacklisted or have a low ITC score, we can help you! With 3 options to choose from we can definitely get you rolling. Finance Options Option 1: Normal bank finance. We have an excellent team that get car finance deal through at the banks … Read more

Loans For Blacklisted

Loans For Blacklisted Loans for blacklisted, bad credit loans, loans for bad credit, or cash loans for blacklisted. While all blacklisted persons can apply and may qualify, not everybody will be approved depending on your credit status. But at BLK we will always try our best to get your application approved. Have you applied for … Read more

Loans Blacklisted

Loans Blacklisted Loans Blacklisted – The term people use to search for loans and they have a poor credit record is loans blacklisted. The term is widely used by people to describe the type of loan they need for the financial situation they in. When applying for a loans blacklisted, make sure you apply with … Read more

Loans Debt set-off: How to curb banks taking your cash

 Loans Debt set-off: How to curb banks taking your cash Cape Town – Consumers seeking loans should ensure the lender is a different credit provider to the one they bank with, Summit CEO Clark Gardner said in reaction to court action being taken against Standard Bank. The bank told Fin24 this week that it will … Read more

Blacklisted Cell Phone contracts South Africa

Blacklisted Cell phone contracts

Blacklisted Cell phone contracts – We can help you get a cell phone even if you have bad credit. With an easy application you can find out today if you qualify just click the link below complete your contact details and an agent will call you back to finalize your deal. We know that many … Read more

Loans No Credit Checks

loans no credit checks

Loans No Credit Checks – Let us help you get a loans. Apply today for up to R 250 000 blacklisted loans and best of all we do not charge any fees to apply for loans no credit checks. Have you looked all over too apply for loans and found that most companies want to … Read more

Repairing a bad credit score…….


When talking about a bad credit score this refers to your credit history and to repair this damage is a draining task, a person should manage their finances properly making sure that they have a budget that is prioritized so that you don’t default on your payments How do I repair a bad credit? To … Read more