Loan for blacklisted

Loan for blacklisted

Loan for blacklisted - Your step by step quide on how to apply for a loan while having a bad credit record.

We trust that this article will help you understand how to apply for a loan while blacklisted. No matter your current financial situation we have a solution for you. At Blacklisted Personal Loan our main focus is assisting our clients with what they need and we try and make the application process as simple as possible. In addition to loans we also offer vehicle finance for bad credit, cellphone contracts for bad credit, pay day loans for blacklisted and more. 

Step One: Aim to rebuild your credit profile.

Even though we can help you get a loan for blacklisted, you should still look at improving your credit rating. This will help you down the line to make it easier to apply for financial services and get better interest rates. Get your free credit report click here. By paying a more on your accounts each month, not doing any financial applications, paying your accounts on time or consolidating your debt could make a huge difference in a short period of time. Remember that paying back your bad credit loan on time each month will hep improve your credit score.

Step Two: Which bad credit loan is right for you?

The next step is to choose the right blacklisted loan for your current situation. Below are several options and information to make your decision easier.

Blacklisted personal loan

At BLK we offer unsecured personal loans for bad credit clients from R 500 to R 250 000 and 6 – 72 months repayment periods. You can use this money for anything, paying up accounts, by a vehicle, home renovations, holiday and more.

Blacklisted personal loan
Pay day loan for bad credit
Pay day loan for bad credit

At BLK we offer pay day loan for blacklisted clients from R 500 to R 8000 up to 30 days to repay. Money can be available in your account the same day to use for emergencies that may come up during the month.

Consolidation loan for blacklisted

At BLK we offer consolidation loans for blacklisted clients up to R 250 000. With this loan you can settle some or all of your outstanding accounts and still get some money. This type of loan can take a bit longer to process up to 48hrs.

Consolidation loan for blacklisted

Step three: Understanding the qualifying criteria for a blacklisted loan

Our qualifying criteria for loan are simple

  • You need to be 18 years or older
  • Be a South African Citizen
  • Be employed
  • Have a bank account
Same day loan approval for clients with bad credit history.

Step Four: Application process for bad credit loans

Simply complete our easy online application form. You will receive an email with in minutes with the outcome of your application, and documents required to finalize you loan for pay out.

*Note that we do not charge any fees to process or payout loans.

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