Blacklisted Cell Phone Contracts

Blacklisted cell phone contracts – We offer cell phone contracts to clients who are blacklisted or who don’t qualify through the normal channels throughout South Africa. All contracts are 24 months contracts, we convert you from the hassle of pre-paid to the ease of contract. No matter if you have a bad credit history or low credit score you can get the latest Samsung, Huawei, Iphone or any other latest smartphone. Simply complete our online application form below, we will let you know instantly via email if you qualify and the process to complete your application. Also on offer is sim card and data only packages. Note our service is free, we do not charge any fees upfront or after to process or deliver you cellphone.

Bad Credit Cellphone Contracts

Why take a contract with us:

  • Great service,
  • Latest smart phone available
  • Approval in 24 hrs.
  • Cell phone delivered to your door
  • Various packages to suite your pocket
  • 24 Month contracts with option to upgrade
  • Keep your current cell number

All you need to qualify:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Employed for more than 3 months at your current employer
  • Earn a minimum Basic salary of R 3000.00 per month
  • Own a bank account which a debit order can deducted
  • South African green bar-coded
blacklisted cell phone contracts

Cellphone contracts for bad credit clients

Do you know that more than 80% of South Africans get declined each year for a cellphone contract? Due to having bad credit or being blacklisted. But just because you are blacklisted does not mean you cannot enjoy having that new IPhone or Samsung cellphone. We will put you in touch with companies that can help you get a new Cellphone Contract and have all the benefits that a contract through Vodacom, Cell C, MTN or Telkom Mobile can offer. Complete our easy online application form and a consultant will call you back.

Cell phone contracts for blacklisted – there’s hope and here’s how!

If you fall into the bad credit category, there is hope contrary to what everyone believes or other financial people may say!  These guys only think there is no hope because they take one look at a bad credit cell phone applicant and say, They’re too hard to find a cellphone contract for. So how is there hope then, if mainstream cellphone companies like MTN, Vodacom, Telkom simply throw their hands into the air and run whenever a bad credit applicant approaches them?

Your hope can be found in the most obvious place:  we help you get a cellphone contract.  We experts specialize in helping bad credit clients on a daily basis.

That’s right – on a daily basis.  Clients with bad credit! 

Any good specialist in the field of dealing with bad credit clients, will make it their personal mission to work with blacklisted clients so they can:

  • Get you cellphone contract ready
  • Find you the right contract to suit your circumstances

We differ from mainstream cellphone brokers in two ways:

  • We understand the industry
  • We have existing contract with companies who deal specifically in helping client with a bad credit record.

Let us help you get a cellphone contract today.

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