Blacklisted Consolidation Loan

A blacklisted consolidation loan can help you combine all your accounts and loan debts into one manageable monthly installment. Note that this is not debt review , but a loan. 

  • Bad credit consolidation loan or Debt Consolidation up to R 250 000.00
  • 100% Free service, no fees charged for approval or pay out
  • Easy online application
  • Same day approval
  • Interest rates based on credit profile from 14% – 32%
  • Up to 60 months to pay

Process to apply for a consolidation loan

Complete our online application form or request a form from us via email
Once application is received your application will be processed and an offer emailed to you with amount, period, installment interest rate you qualify for with requirements to finalize the process, then you can decide to take up or decline the offer.
If all documents required are correct and contract signed the loan can pay out with in 24hours.

consolidation loan for blacklisted

What are the benefits of consolidating your debt with a loan?

In our current financial climate most South Africans are over indebted and are using debt to pay debt. With a consolidation loan you can combine your debt into one installment that is easier to manage. This helps that you free up more cash from your salary and reduces stress of worrying how you go to pay all your debt at the end of each month. The trick with a debt consolidation loan is not to go take out extra credit once you received the loan as this could put you in the same situation within i a couple months. If your loan you qualify for is bigger than your debt you can use the spare cash as you please.